Blitz is our sweet, lovable Goldendoodle who loves Zoe and her time spent at Canine Country Kennels.  There is no doubt whatsoever that Zoe is very knowledgeable about the needs of our treasured canine companion.  The first time we checked in our girl to the kennels we had the sense that it was just not a business but a safe place that it is truly all about the dogs!  We know that Blitz’s time at the kennels is spent in a caring environment, and that she will receive the personal care and attention she deserves.  Just like at home, the kennels are clean, cozy, and comfortable.; furthermore, Blitz’s raw diet is easily accommodated during her stay.  Vacationing is made a little less stressful knowing that Blitz is well taken care of while we are away. We would not trust her care to anyone else but Zoe at Canine Country Kennels!

Joel Mathers and Laura O’Shea

We have known Zoe and Katherine for almost a decade now and have entrusted them with the love and care of two much loved golden retrievers over the years. What always comes first to mind about them both is the absolute love and devotion to our animal “kids”…and in our house we are almost sure that for “most loved” they would be first on our dogs’ list – before us – because of the many hours spent outside just having fun every day with friends and love. What more could a dog ask for?
From sleepovers to personalized doggie Christmas presents the love shines through and on top of all that we have had the best trained dogs of anyone we know. What more could owners ask for? We have recommended Zoe and Katherine to our closest friends with complete confidence that they will be as pleased as we are with all the services that are given.
As always Zoe and Katherine – thank you for everything!

Ian and Gayle
Leaside Toronto

You have obviously given Barley a magic potion. He is the softest, snuffliest, happiest dog since going to your kennels and actually is getting quite fit. You have a magic touch with him. Thank you for being so wonderful to him.

Warmest Regards

Deborah & Barley

I can’t believe the change in Charlie since using your services. He is so happy to come when called now instead of running away and is so relaxed at home after his day with you. He used to tear around and never settle down. We can’t thank you enough for being so good to Charlie.

Sherri and Lisa & Charlie

I have been placing my nine-year old Alaskan Malamute Cloey in the care of Canine Country Kennels frequently over the past 6 months as I have had to travel extensively for work. Prior to being referred to them by my vet Cloey had only been kennelled once in the first eight years of her life at another facility. This was not a positive experience for Cloey and as such I have made every effort to avoid kenneling her since. However after being dispatched to British Colombia for a three-week assignment this past summer I heeded the advice of my vet and contacted Canine Country Kennels. I found the staff to be very knowledgeable and caring and I felt very comfortable leaving her in their capable hands. Cloey is accustomed to being with me most of the time and does not always respond well when I have to leave her in someone else’s care. However both her and I have had a positive experience with the kennel over the past few months. She actually gets excited and starts doing laps around the care when I pull into the driveway to drop her off and this reaction is enough to reassure me that she is happy with our little arrangement whenever I have to leave town. I’ve found the staff to be very passionate, competent, and accommodating to her needs and they’ve given me some excellent advice relevant to her care as well. I would recommend this facility to anyone and have done so on numerous occasions.

Dave & Cloey

We first met Zoe when we started taking Cassie, who is now eleven years old, to the local off leash dog park. One evening, many of the dogs ran off towards a person approaching in the near-dark, barking with joy. That was my introduction to Zoe, who either walked or had boarded the whole “pack”. For me, that was the best possible recommendation. Zoe walked Cassie from that time on, until she moved out of the city to start her new venture, Canine Country Kennels.

We had boarded Cassie a few times before we knew Zoe, but she was very upset when we left, so we hated to do so. When we first left her at Zoe’s place, she didn’t even notice when we walked out the door. She loves her time there and comes home happy, healthy and tired from all the activities that go on. She especially loves the hikes in the woods. Through the years I have had many long conversations with Zoe, and I have learned how kind and caring she is, and how dedicated she is to the animals in her care.

We highly recommend Canine Country Kennels!

Susan & Cassie

I was at my wit’s end with my rescue dog Rufus. One day I met Katherine in the off leash dog park walking five dogs and was astounded when a jogger ran by and she asked her group to “come” and they all ran back to her happily. Then I couldn’t believe it when a cyclist came through and she said a command and all her dogs laid down on the spot and the cyclist drove by! I had never seen such well trained and well behaved dogs in my life. Their tails never stopped wagging is what impressed me most. My dog was lunging on my leash and barking to chase the cyclist and I could not calm him down. I immediately enlisted the trainined and walking services and a few weeks later my Rufus was a model canine citizen too. I was ready to give up on my dog. Katherine saved his life. When Rufus is in her care I never worry.

Eila & Rufus

We have been a client of Canine Country Kennels since our dog Bailey was a puppy. They have provided excellent service and given us peace of mind that she is well cared for when we are out of town. Bailey enjoys her time here and is extremely well socialized from interacting with the other dogs while visiting.
Canine Country Kennels runs a remarkable boarding and day care facility, one that I confidently refer my family and friends to. All the dogs that I know who go here are happy to go.
The staff keep a watchful eye on her, keeping her safe and healthy while getting plenty of exercise and play time.
Bailey always enjoys walking into Canine Country Kennels hands and she never looks back, I am confident she enjoys her time here.

Vanessa & Bailey