Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What food do you feed? Do I need to bring food for my dog while they stay at your kennel?

A: Yes, you need to supply enough food for your dog for the duration of their stay and a good idea to include some extra as well in case of any weather delays, flight cancellations or change of plans. It is best not to make any dietary change the two weeks leading up to boarding dates. The last thing you want is a possibly upset tummy or food reaction when your dog is away from home. We can buy food for your dog if you prefer that to bringing it yourself, but there will be an added delivery charge.


Q: My dog is on a very strict and special diet, can you accommodate my dog’s dietary needs?

A: Yes! We can accommodate any diet. You are required to provide your dog’s regular food, enough for the duration of their visit. If they are on a special diet we will ensure that they only receive the food/treats/supplements that you have supplied at the times and in the amounts you specify. We have full size refrigerators  and freezers on site to store whatever special items your dog requires in their diet.


Q: What should I bring with my dog when I drop them off for boarding?

  1. food, enough for the length of their visit (plus a little extra in case of weather/travel delays)
  2. a bed or blanket, a toy or two or anything that you feel may make your dog feel more comfortable during their stay with us.
  3. any medications or supplements that your dog is taking, enough for the length of their visit with some extra just in case of pick delays due to weather, flight changes etc., and with specific instructions on how much and when to give
  4. have your dog on a flat buckle or snap collar with ID tags attached
  5. all required forms filled out and signed


Q: What happens if there is a snow storm, bad traffic, my flight gets cancelled etc.?

A: If you are going to be delayed in picking up or dropping off you dog please notify us by email as soon as possible.


Q: Will my dog play with other dogs while staying at your kennel?

A: Dogs who are social with other dogs will be carefully matched with other social dogs for small supervised play groups. Dogs are carefully screened to assess their suitability for play groups.


Q: Will my dog get exercise while staying at your kennel?

A: Yes! All dogs staying at the kennel will enjoy daily leash walks on our back hiking trails as well as outside time by the creek. Dogs will enjoy plenty of off leash time in our fully enclosed dog yard. We also have add on services as well such as dock diving, swimming in the canine pool, canine conditioning and rehab exercise and off leash group adventure hikes etc.


Q: Can you give my dog it’s medication?

A: Yes! No charge.


Q: My dog has fleas, can he still stay at the kennel and can you treat him with a flea bath after I drop him off?

A: No do with fleas, a cough or any sign of illness will be allowed inside our kennel under any circumstances. Please ensure your dog has had a recent vet visit and your dog has been cleared healthy by your veterinarian. It is a good idea to mention to your vet that you will be boarding your dog at a kennel in the future and your vet will then be able to advise you on what specific measures to take to ensure your dog remains healthy for the duration of their stay here. We do not advise vaccinations or any flea or tick treatments within the two week period prior to staying at our kennel. Please have ALL vaccinations and treatments done well before your dog comes to stay at our kennel. Copies of such veterinary records are required for your dog’s file before they can be accepted into our services. No dog will be accepted into our services without such health record copies being provided.


Q: My dog has severe separation anxiety. Will staying at your kennel with you guys and other dogs be beneficial to him or will it be too stressful for him?

A: That depends. If your dog is extremely stressed being separated from you, then chances are he will be just as stressed at our kennel while away from you. Having other dogs or humans around will have little effect to lower your dog’s stress level since the cause of the anxiety is the absence from you. However if your dog is stressed only by being alone, then spending time at the kennel with other humans and dogs means he will never be alone so he/she can likely have a great time!  If your dog has separation anxiety it is best to give us a call so we can discuss with you what would be best for your dog and your particular situation. Separation anxiety is usually a very treatable problem!


Q: Will my dog be crated a lot?

A: Dogs will not be crated unless they are young puppies who are crated overnight for housetraining purposes or if we are instructed specifically by owners to crate their dogs (such as dogs who are on restricted exercise from recent spay or neuter or other surgery). Owners will supply the crate in these situations. For dogs who require crating overnight for housetraining purposes they will still enjoy a spacious pen and plenty of outdoor time during the day and only be crated overnight. Otherwise dogs stay in spacious pens with plenty of room to walk around as well as lounge comfortably on raised cushy beds and are never put in a crate.


Q: Will my dog get any human contact while staying at your kennel?

A: If your dog likes people then YES they will get human contact, and lots of it! Dogs at our kennel are not penned all day with no human contact. Dogs staying at Canine Country Kennels will enjoy daily leash walks, supervised play time, one on one play time with a human as well as plenty of one on one relax time too. For dogs who like it we also spend time with them in their pens each day petting them, brushing them and snuggling. For dogs who aren’t into the snuggling we make sure they get plenty of human/dog time on their leash walks and outdoor play time. If your dog is shy or reserved around humans we will allow them their space and only engage with them as they are comfortable.


Q: My dog has never stayed in a kennel before. How do I know he will be ok for a couple weeks there? I am worried he will be stressed.

A: You are a great owner if you are concerned for your dog’s well being! We recommend a trial day where your dog comes for a day to get used to the place and also for a chance for us to assess how to ensure a stress free stay for the future. If your dog is younger, a one trial day is usually sufficient. If your dog is older and has never kennelled before OR your dog has had a previous bad experience at another kennel, then two or three trial days over a two week period may be necessary. Most dogs love coming to Canine Country Kennels after their very first visit!


Q: Can I pay with my VISA?

A: We accept cash, cheque, email transfer and money orders. We are not a large commercial kennel, we are a very small, country run kennel and do not accept credit cards at this time.

This page is still under construction so check back for more FAQ’s! If you have any questions you think should be on this list please let us know!