Dog Walking

Group Hikes

$15 per day or $70 per week Monday – Friday

$20 per day Saturday or Sunday service

Your dog will get an hour long hike with a small group of dogs. Locations vary day to day so the dogs are never bored of the same place and include safe local off leash dog areas, private country trails as well as Canine Country Kennel hiking trails. Cost includes pick and drop off. The hour long hike is on the trails and does not include travel time to and from home. Group walks are available weekdays from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm. Your dog can enjoy two hikes at two different locations on the same day for $25 per day or $120 per week.

Private Walks and Puppy Visits

$15 private in home potty break in yard, or quick walk around block, short play session, treat or feed meal, refill water etc.

$20 private 20-30 minute walk per day


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